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Modern, Sustainable Architecture and Design for Living and Work

Robert Parker Associates provides excellence in design for contemporary architecture suited for modern and sustainable living, work and leisure. Creative vision for interpreting client aspirations distinguishes the Firm's resume with numerous awards for excellence in design.

Architecture / Urban Design / Planning

Robert Parker Associates is a multi-disciplinary firm that undertakes a wide range of projects within the fields of architecture, urban design, environmental and community planning.

Our Process

From project inception to final completion the Firm employs a consultative and engaged process with clients for which the realized project becomes a holistic solution.

A Brief History

The Firm's background spans over four decades with a diverse practice ranging from contemporary architectural design, historic structure and site restoration, urban design, to environmental and community planning. From small to large scale, the Firm employs skills suited to each individual project.

High Desert Settings

The Southwest is a culturally and architecturally rich region with its own distinctive design heritage and lifestyles. Robert Parker Associates finds innovative solutions that meld historic sensitivities with contemporary architecture for today's sustainable living patterns. The communities of Taos, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and other Southwest communities all provide opportunities for creating architecture that is unique, and receptive to high desert settings.