Airstream Traveloft

A Spacious Oasis

The Traveloft appeals to a new generation of travelers wanting something different from what is currently available in recreational vehicles. A home on the road, this small, 15′ trailer, caters to the sophisticated traveler who demands amenities of self-contained travel but reflects the tastes and lifestyles of those who put design first.

Inside, a simple layout allows for ease of movement between spacious work and rest areas. Curved interior surfaces mirror the aerodynamic shape of the original Airstream trailer. A variety of lighting possibilities are possible with halogen spot lights for work areas, a soft overhead lighting feature, and a custom designed sconce over the dining area. Campers and trailers are often stuffy and cluttered but the Traveloft looks comfortable and is an easy space to live in with it calm colors and minimal surfaces. It is a spacious oasis after a long day’s journey.

Conceived in a minimalist aesthetic, the zen-like interior exhibits flowing lines and metallic finishes in contrast to fake woods and patterned fabrics that are the norm in most recreational vehicles. After a day on the road, many travelers prefer to eat well whether they are in an RV park or primitive campsite. The Traveloft features a large preparation and cooking area that is well suited to the creation of gourmet meals and can seat 4 at the dinette.