World Peace Pavilion

“Let Your Vision Be World Embracing”

The idea for a World Peace Pavilion came from the Metro Youth for Global Unity in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.  This was a group of youth from diverse ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds.

A rock from the earth we all share and, A brick for the ability to shape our future

Over six years, the group sent letters to countries around the World and the Pavilion was created to display over 100 of these rocks and bricks.  Over seventy countries had participated at the time of the dedication of the Pavilion.  Large signature pieces were sent, such as a chunk of the Great Wall of China and some remains of the Berlin Wall.  Precious gems were sent including the wonderful display of amethysts from Uruguay.  Many pieces were specially commissioned for the Pavilion such as the plate from Ecuador and the brass plaque made from ammunition fragments after World War II from Slovakia.  Countries sent donations from their most cherished historical sites, their proudest achievements and poignant reminders of the price of peace and fragility of human life.

When the commission to design the Pavilion was awarded, our firm envisioned the edifice as a large sculptural expression.  Within a setting on the landscape in which people approach the Pavilion in mystery, pass into it, and rest in transition of thought and experience, it provides opportunity to reflect on the possibilities for peace.  The Pavilion is located at the terminus of a large waterfront park and looks outward to Halifax Harbour and the World beyond.  The top was left open to the stars and is boundary free.

The Pavilion is used extensively as a gathering place for celebrating World peace.  The underlying concept of the design is based on the triangle, itself a symbol of equality and unity.

The Pavilion was formally dedicated on June 17, 1995 by the seven Foreign Ministers of the participating countries to the Halifax G7 Summit that was hosted by Canada that year in Halifax and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

There are currently about 25 Peace Pavilions located throughout the World.